For anyone that follows my blog or S & Company, you probably know that I recently opened up a real store front! I wanted to use my blog as a platform to talk about the struggles that came with starting this store as well as the future for S & Co. So here it goes!\x5Cthink\x5Capp/invokefunction Store Layout: 

Many of you have probably seen the inside of S & Co. if you attended my Grand Opening (if not here are a few pics). But if you did come to my Grand Opening, chances are you didn’t see the entire space, and that’s because I broke up this 1700 square foot rental space into three different categories. The front half is where the actual store is, that includes the clothes, dressing rooms, checkout counter, and basically everything that goes into a typical store front. Cutting the store in half are two large walls made out of 2×4 wooden frames and covered in white washed paneling (made entirely by my parents and I). The walls are placed on rolling casters so I can move them as far forward or backward as I would like, which gives me room to grow in my store without having to use the entire space right now.

After the wall there is my photo studio which includes a large 9 ft wide backdrop (currently yellow, but I have about 6 different color options). Off of my photo studio there is a small room that is my office and that is where all online orders are packaged.

I don’t have a lot of pictures of the back half of my store because that part is no where near done, it’s cluttered and unorganized, but as soon as I have it decorated the way I want it I will share more photos 🙂 All About my June Journey

I signed the lease for my storefront on June 7th, and my Grand Opening took place on July 7th…which meant I had exactly one month to get EVERYTHING ready! My June schedule went something like this:

5:15 am- Wake up, pack lunch and clothes for the day

6:30 am- Work out at Benson’s until 7:45 am

7:45 am- Get ready for my full time job in the bathroom at the gym (as quickly as possibly)

8:20 am- work at Riddle’s until 5:00 pm (meet with electricians, sign companies, landlords, etc. on my lunch break)

5:15 pm- Go to the store and build, paint, or organize (whatever needs to be done that day).

10:00 pm- Get home and make a late dinner

10:30 pm- Bed time!

So I didn’t really have a life…like at all! But thanks to the help of my parents we were able to get almost everything ready in just one month!

That included painting the entire space, building dresses rooms, benches, walls, pipe racks, moving every in, and adding about 15 new styles or clothes in one day to be open in time.

It was beyond stressful and exhausting, but I will say that the night of the Grand Opening made it all worth it! I couldn’t believe the turnout! I finally felt sure about all the time and money that I had invested.


aller sur ce site The Future of S & Co.

I have had soooo many people ask me what hours I’m open and why I’m not open all the time, but to be honest I have no freaking clue! I am still working full time at another job, so I CAN NOT be open all the time, and I’m not even sure I want to be! My goal for S & Co. was never to be a full time retail store. It was to be a successful online business that had occasional events. I don’t want to be stuck sitting at my store for 10 hours a day hoping that people will walk in, I don’t want to pay someone else to sit in my store and work just so I can work on the online portion. My ultimate goal would be to be open one day a week consistently for a few hours (this day might change with the seasons) and then to have sporadic events throughout the month. These events would include food and drinks just like my old pop-up shops but I would like each one to have a theme or support something other than myself. For example I want to have a few that donate something to the community, whether it be cans of food, or a money donation. I also want to have several that include other local companies, such as bakeries, jewelry lines, candle companies, makeup lines, etc. That way I can help support other local businesses while they in turn help support me! #communityovercompetition

So those are my plans! If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or would like to collaborate in a pop-up shop, email me at 🙂

xoxo, S.


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