I'll do you a favor by writing my post before the pictures this time...because I accidentally took way too many pics today and there's about 50 in this post...whoops!

online dating apps for iphone free So let's talk about today, both my mom and I wore new S & Company clothing so of course we had to take lots of pictures to show off our newest fall wardrobes, but that's not really what this post is about.

how a woman should start an online dating conversation Today we took a drive in the hills, through Spearfish Canyon and I loved every minute of it! It might seem totally lame to love hanging out with my parents as much as I do, but oh well! They're the people I love most, the ones that are always there for me and care for me unconditionally, and I thank God every day for them. Spending time with them reminds me to live in the moment. I'm getting older, I'm always waiting for the next big thing to happen in my life; career, marriage, kids...but they're getting older too! I won't always be able to pick vegetables in the garden with dad or take long walks with mom, so I have to soak up all the moments right now while I still have the chance.

Being in my college town made me realize I shouldn't have rushed through college as fast as I did! When I was in Middle School I remember missing Elementary School, when I was in High School I remember missing Middle School, when I was in College I remember missing High School, and now I'm done with school and I miss it all! I know it seems crazy to miss homework and 8 AM classes but let's be honest..when you're in College everything is simpler! Of course every bad grade or breakup seems like the end of world at the time, but it never really is. When I was in College I had the cutest apartment with some of my best friends and I worked at a daycare a few hours a day with some of the sweetest kids in the world. All I had to worry about were a few classes, classes that only lasted a couple hours at the most and then I was free to hang inside and watch Netflix, go for a drive in the canyon, or play drunk MarioKart with some of my best friends. Life was easy!

But then again, life still is easy! I have so much to be grateful for and if I learned anything from today it's to stop looking at the past and missing it or regretting things that did or did not happen, and to stop looking to the future and imagining how perfect it's going to be. I need be exactly where I am, fully present, fully aware, just taking it all in and enjoying every little bit of it! The good, the bad, the ugly! I am a 22 year old who still lives with her parents, is unsure about whether she'll actually succeed in life, is a tad worried she won't be married till she's 50, is a little rough around the edges at times...but is without a doubt the luckiest girl in the world <3

xoxo, S


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  1. Hi! I have no idea how I stumbled on your page ;D But this place looks so beautiful that I just had to comment lol! Where is this 😀 ? Lovely pictures! Seems like you had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing! Greetings from the Netherlands 🙂

    1. It’s called Spearfish Canyon and it’s in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. It’s one of my favorite places on the planet! 🙂

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