It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post, shocking..I know. I’ve been taking pictures of my little S & Co. models more often than myself lately, which I love, but today I was reminded why taking pictures on my own is equally as lovable.

Sure, you can often see the remote in my pictures and half of them come out blurry, and sometimes I’m hardly even in the frame, and it takes way longer to get the lighting down…but it’s also so fun to just blast some music and take pictures outside completely by myself.

That’s exactly what I needed this morning, it was overcast with no wind, but still plenty warm! Literally my dream weather! (When it comes to taking pictures anyway). And then I edited pictures and drank my coffee while I watched Gossip Girl on the couch. Honestly, the best Monday I’ve had in a long time!

So, on to this dress! I saw a similar dress to this on Cara Loren (my idol) a few months ago and I knew I had to find it and get it for my store! But when I unpacked it from the vendor I wasn’t sure if I was in love. It felt thick and a little heavy and I was worried it would make me and my customers look too bulky. Turns out once I put it on, I actually loved it! Yeah it’s fairly thick, but the fabric is great quality, and it’s the perfect Spring dress, especially for overcast days like today! It’s simple and elegant and reminds me of a Sunday brunch dress.

Dress: S & Company (coming soon)

Shoes: Target (Dolce Vita) (only $22 and come in tons of colors!)

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