When I was in school I loved having Snow Days! I would venture a couple miles to my best friends house and we would eat junk food, watch movies, and go sledding all day! It was just an extra day off!

But now that I’m my own boss, a snow day is just one less day that I have to get everything done for the week! At first I was stressed out, thinking about all the stuff I wasn’t able to get done, but then I realized maybe this was just nature’s way of making me slow down a little bit.

I finally sat down and did my taxes, which I had been putting off for way too long, but I also treated myself to a few episodes of Project Runway (my guilty pleasure).

The snow was beautiful and I actually used the lighting to my advantage and did a mini photoshoot by myself! (see pictures below). So I guess maybe I don’t hate snow days so much after all? haha

I hope everyone had a relaxing, laid back day! And I hope it reminded everyone to take time to watch the snow fall and take a breath! Now back to work!



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