Oh the S & Co. Revamp..where do I even begin!

I feel like it started in the beginning of January when I was having the weirdest mix of emotions. I was feeling bored and unmotivated, yet anxious and stressed all at the same time! I needed something to make me excited about S & Co. again. I was starting to feel like I was becoming stagnant and complacent and I hate that feeling, especially when it comes to my own business. I’ve always loved coming to work and doing just about anything that involved my store, so to even have a second where I felt unhappy or bored was not okay with me! I was working six days a week, during the slowest, coldest month of the year.

And while I was feeling bored and unmotivated, I was also feeling a little bit jealous. This emotion is super hard for me to admit, but truth be told I’m a pretty competitive person. And although I love watching others succeed, it still bothered me that new and old competition was popping up and doing really amazing things. It scared me! What happens if I lose customers? What if they do things better than me? What if they’re more creative?

So in the midst of all these emotions I posted a short video on Instagram to talk it out with my followers and tell them that I needed a day off! I told them I was taking off Mondays for a couple of months to recoup, and I just wanted to give people a heads up on why this decision came to be. But then I started getting all these messages from my followers. Some people telling me that I should definitely take Mondays off because it’s important to take care of myself, some people telling me they knew exactly how I felt, and everyone telling me that my loyal customers would still be there even if I took an extra day off.

I was seriously brought to tears by some of the messages. I couldn’t believe that good friends and total strangers would all reach out to make sure I was okay and help me get through this weird funk.

It made me realize that I have some of the best customers out there, and regardless of what other boutiques are doing or who my competition is, I know that if I stay true to myself, I will keep those customers for life!

But watching what other boutiques were doing sparked me to think of something totally different, to go a direction that fits me and my customers! I started by thinking about parts of my life that make me happiest and how that could play into my store. That’s when I came across fitness!

I’ve carried a few pairs of leggings and sports bras in my store in the past, but I wanted this new fitness idea to be an entire movement! One that consisted of a lot of new workout pieces, videos showing how I love to get out and get moving, and videos of me trying new exercises I’ve never done before at different fitness studios around the hills. I wanted to show people that working out looks a little different for everyone, whether it be hiking, yoga, boxing, running, lifting or any other activity to get your blood pumping. Regardless of the exercise, you’re still experiencing all of the beautiful benefits of it and not just physical benefits but emotional ones too! Because during my hardest times, I’ve always turned to exercise to clear my mind and make me feel better all around. I want girls to see the importance of staying active, and to not be afraid to try new workouts.

And most importantly, I want my S & Co. girls to feel beautiful, confident, and healthy in all aspects of life, no matter what their weight.

So here’s to my girls! The most loyal, inspiring, best group of girls I’ve ever known. Thank you for always pushing me to be better and keep moving forward!



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