Last week I went on my second buying trip of my career in Las Vegas Nevada. This market consists of twelve shows in one, including: The Tents, Project, Project Women, The Collective, Pool Trade Show, WWD Magic, Curvenv@ Magic, FN Platform, WSA Magic, Playground, Sourcing, Footwear Sourcing. To put that in English, this show is comprised of women’s and men’s apparel, children’s apparel, footwear, swimwear, accessories, and sourcing for all different price points. In the three days that I attended the market, I was only able to hit FN Platform (shoes) and WWD Magic (young contemporary apparel). This experience was hectic but beyond amazing!

basics Day 1

We arrived at WWD Magic to find an enormous room full of showrooms for women’s clothing of all types. I’m not kidding, this area was so big we got lost, several times! We actually had trouble finding our way out of the building at times. Not only was this place big, but it was crowded! Some of the showrooms were so packed you couldn’t even walk inside. I will honestly say Day 1 was probably the most overwhelming experience in my life. We arrived at about 8:00 AM and I was only able to shop until about 2:00 PM. That’s when the crowds and bright lights really started to get to me. All of the clothes started to look the same! I left Magic that day feeling discouraged. I had shopped for hours (not nearly long enough) and didn’t feel like I made any progress. Day 2

I went into Day 2 of Magic knowing that I needed to get the job done! Mind over matter right? I had spent way too much time and money on a trip to not accomplish what I needed to. So on Day 2 we finally started hitting some of the best showrooms (Lush, En Creme, and Paper Crane being my favorites). We only lasted until about 2:00 PM once again, but that was six hours of fast, hardcore shopping! I left feeling excited about all the new merchandise! The end of Day 2 was also when my mom and I attended the Britney Spears concert… so yeah, this was a good day!

best free new online dating sites Day 3

Day 3 was by far my favorite day. By this point, a lot of the buyers had gone home already so it wasn’t nearly as busy as the days before. We made sure to at least walk by every showroom and make sure we didn’t miss anything. That’s when we found the best brand of all. In the very last row of showrooms we found a company that seemed too good to be true! These clothes were so beautiful and matched my style to a tee, but what’s even more amazing is that they were so affordable! The Director of the company helped me place the order, while inviting us out to their permanent showroom in Los Angeles!

After finishing up with women’s apparel we decided to hit FN Platform (shoes). Platform was definitely more intimidating than WWD Magic. That area was comprised of shoe companies of every price point and as a general rule: the higher the price point, the snobbier the sales reps. Many showrooms won’t even let you enter without setting up a meeting. One of the nicest ladies I met was the sales rep from Franco Sarto, which also happens to be the company with the most gorgeous shoes! The rep was so understanding of me and my company. She was helpful and informative about all the shoes. Sadly I decided Franco Sarto’s might be a tad expensive for my online boutique at this time. But I can’t wait to be able to introduce them to S & Company.

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Overall, this market was pretty great, but since I’m not a fan of big crowds of people and crazy shoppers, I think I prefer Dallas Market a little more. I’m sure I’ll be back to Magic, I mean it is in Las Vegas after all!

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