Love yourself.

ou se fait la rencontre des cellules reproductrices humaines It’s become the mantra of our generation, and for good reason! I feel like as a society we’re finally realizing the importance of self love and we’re digging deep to find out how to achieve that love. Self love means something different to everyone. To me it’s going to the gym so I feel strong and healthy. It’s going to bed early or reading a good book, because that’s time that I’ve dedicated completely to myself. It’s allowing myself to say “no” to things I don’t want to do even if society is pressuring me otherwise. It’s eliminating toxic people from my life, so I feel more free and confident. Sometimes it’s putting on a full face of makeup and curling my hair so I feel beautiful, but sometimes it’s cuddling up in sweatpants without a stitch of makeup so I feel real and honest. Sometimes it’s eating a salad so I feel good about what i’m putting into my body, but sometimes it’s eating a bowl of ice cream because it makes me soul happy!

Self love can be whatever you want it to be, because it’s all about you! Do things that make you happy about where you’re going in life and happy about the people surrounding you. Find out what triggers negative emotions and anxiety and eliminate those factors from your life. Find ways to stay positive even on the worst days, and push for self love even when you don’t feel like loving yourself at all.

If you’re not loving who you are, how can you expect anyone else to. Happiness and love starts with you.

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