I think we seriously underestimate how important it is to just lounge around in a giant sweatshirt and no makeup! Which is exactly what I’m doing this morning while someone else mans the store.

Chełmno It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but since then I’ve hired an employee, expanded my store, and bought a house!! So many big things going on, so I can’t forget to take the time to just relax, read a book, drink some wine, go to bed early, drink tons of water, eat good food… you get the point.

My absolute favorite self love activity is reading! Not books about anything real or educational haha but books about mysteries or love stories or all in one. I think so many of us stop reading once we don’t have to any more, we’re forced to read text books so we forget how beautiful it is to read something we actually enjoy. I seriously sleep and feel so much better if I spend spare time reading rather than watching TV or playing on my phone.

Any whooo,

This morning I’m lounging in my favorite Lululemons, a giant sweatshirt from S & Company (coming soon) and a scrunchy from my moms younger days. What’s your go-to lounge outfit and activity??

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