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my blog I hate beer but I love ginger beer! 🙂 (FYI: Non-alcoholic)

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These are my favorite kind of days! I’m going to start having daily photoshoots in the hills with just me, my camera, and my favorite drink! It’s so nice and relaxing to be able to hike around and take goofy pictures. Sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself, where there aren’t any people, or cell phones, or buildings, and these little photoshoots are the perfect thing for that!

This is the first time I’ve worn this dress as a top and I kind of love it! I love how girly it is with the bell sleeves, the flowers, and the flowy-ness of it. So when you pair that girly-ness with a simple black jean and some converse, it’s the perfect match! I’m also obsessed with this new headband from Free People! I love how long it is, it makes me feel like I have a long curtain of hair down my back…now only if my hair was actually that long! I think the burnt orange is such a good color especially when paired with black and white pieces! It’s a dramatic color but it doesn’t feel too over the top to me!

Dress: S & Company

Headband: Free People

Capris: Free People (similar here)

Shoes: Converse

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