buy Pregabalin india One week in the Dominican Republic flew by! Now it’s back to the every day grind, which wouldn’t even be so bad if the weather in SD could just stay nice! Talk of another blizzard has me reminiscing on last week, the beach, and the perfect vacation with my favorite people in the world!

buy modafinil from uk I’m not going to lie there were a couple bumps in the road on this trip; like cancelled flights and almost all of us getting sick at one point or another! But this place was pure paradise. Give me a sunny beach, a pina colada, and good company and nothing can bring me down 🙂

yesterday We spent a few days just doing nothing but relaxing at the resort and a few days out on excursions where we snorkeled, road ATVs and dune buggies , and snorkeled some more!

I’m not sure how many more vacations we’ll get to go on as a family of four plus our significant others, but having everyone together made for the most memorable trip. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have all of these souls in my life. (Unfortunately we weren’t great at taking pictures as a group, but I’m working on putting together a few fun videos from the trip, so make sure to watch those as I post them either on Instagram or Youtube!)

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