General Tinio Dj and I didn’t have to make too hard of a decision when we got asked to join his family on a Carnival Cruise to the Western Caribbean just a couple of weeks ago.

neurontin uk We didn’t know what to expect, we were just excited to get out of the hills during the Sturgis Rally, and go someplace a little more tropical πŸ™‚

detractingly First, we flew to Orlando and spent about a day and a half there until our ship departed from Port Canaveral, Florida. Orlando treated us with warm weather, yummy food, and hours of Top Golf! And I can say, even though I am a terrible golfer, we had sooo much fun there!

Now was time for a ship the size of a massive hotel, and honestly I was a little worried. I mean first off, I’ve seen the Titanic! And the thought of wide open spaces with nothing but water was a little frightening. But a more realistic fear I had was getting sea sick. I stocked up on oral meds and a patch that definitely helped, except there was one little detail about the patch that I hadn’t looked into. The number one side affect: Blurred vision. Now, I’m already blind as a bat, but with contacts that’s never usually a problem, so when I woke up one morning and couldn’t read my phone I was kind of freaked out! Once I figured out what was going on, I realized it was nothing serious. But still, I just couldn’t read anything up close for a week, which meant DJ had to read me the menu at every restaurant!

Other than that, we were smooth sailing, literally.

We had two days at sea during our week on the ship. Those days we lounged by the pool, drank a decent amount of alcohol, played mini golf, had a dodgeball tournament, listened to karaoke, and ate anytime we were even slightly hungry.

But as fun as the ship was, visiting countries we had never been to before was definitely the highlight of the trip!

First stop: Cozumel, Mexico! We went on an excursion to a place called Playa Mia. Which was a cute little spot right on the beach where we snorkeled, played on a massive bouncy castle in the middle of the ocean, and just relaxed! There’s nothing like being on dry land with a drink in hand, so I was all about this place!

Stop Two: Belize! We didn’t have an excursion planned for Belize so we walked around the shops, drank coconuts filled with rum, and then settled at a cute little bar right on the water! Our waitress was named Fiona, “Like Princess Fiona,” she said. She kept our margaritas and chip bowl full, and kept us laughing for hours.

Stop Three: Roatan, Honduras! You guys, this place was AMAZING!!! We went on an excursion to a place called The Little French Keys and I can only describe it as pure paradise. Crystal clear waters, cute little monkeys, paddle boards, snorkels, rope swings, and the best authentic food! I think our entire group would have agreed to skip the boat and stay there forever. In fact, before we even made it back home, we were already making plans to go back there again!

Stop Four: Costa Maya, Mexico! We didn’t have a ton of time at this stop so we spent a couple hours visiting the shops and trying some local foods. DJ had a super yummy burrito (that I accidentally knocked off his plate and onto the ground, whoops) and I had a Cookies and Cream tea that was loose leaf tea made to taste like cookies, combined with ice, agave nectar, and almond milk…so good!

I promise we did more than eat and drink on this trip, but it’s vacation, what do you expect?

Anyway, we’re back home now after 11 days of travel. And even though I love trips like this, I also love coming back home. Safe to say I’m not meant to travel the world indefinitely, but a vacay every now and then is just fine with me πŸ™‚



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