Cobblestone streets are the best! So even if that means taking pictures in the one alley in town with cobblestone, that’s what we’re going to do. Ashtyn wore the V-neck Diamond Tunic from S & Company, a simple pair of skinny jeans, and the most adorable wedges from Forever21. Top: S & Company Wedges: Forever21

Coffee Coffee Coffee

There’s nothing better than coffee and good friends. I love how perfect the winter weather was to introduce my latest models, the Clemmons twins. They’re so adorable in their coffee tees. And Lynsey looks great in the new S & Company hooded flannel. Lynsey: Flannel: S & Company Avery and Lexi : Coffee Tees from

Earned It

I’m doing my best to enjoy every second of semi-nice weather before South Dakota turns to unbearable! This week S & Company brought in the most amazing new arrival! It’s my absolute favorite. A deep navy blue, partially acid washed button down dress. If you haven’t noticed, I love oversized clothing. Oddly enough, it actually…

The Feeling

The weather is unbelievably perfect for a Saturday morning in mid November. Even in an outfit that’s not necessarily economical in the winter, I was still warm enough that I could have stayed outside for hours. For the blog today I’m wearing this long sleeve crop top and these Dressy Joggers from S & Company.…