Little Black Dress: S & Company


Charcoal Jumpsuit: S & Company

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Coconut Button Up Dress: S & Company

One of the best things about getting older is watching old friends succeed. What’s even better is having the opportunity to collaborate with them! Riley Winter (photographer) has been a great friend through high school and college. And going from talking about our dreams to watching them come to life in front of our eyes is beyond amazing. Hugeee thank you to such an amazing and talented friend!

Now lets take a second to talk about my newest model, Courtney Maxon. She’s one of those girls that you see on social media who you don’t know, but have a few mutual friends with, and you just think “holy crap this girl is beautiful.” I could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to take pictures with her. She was such a natural and made every article of S & Company clothing look amazing. I was getting so excited just watching Riley take pictures of her! It’s so great getting to meet new people that are kind, beautiful, and willing to help you and your business succeed.

The first outfit we did for Courtney was this simple black tank dress. Black is the best color in my opinion, especially when it comes to clothes. It’s so simple, slimming, and elegant. It only makes sense to have a perfect Little Black Dress for every season. So girls, here is the best summer LBD.

The second look (modeled by me) is this charcoal jumpsuit from S & Company. I’m so obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits! I love that you can buy one article of clothing and all you have to do is throw on a pair of heels to complete the outfit. I love that this jumpsuit has a cinched waist and cinched ankles!

The last look, modeled by Courtney, is my favorite yet! It’s the Coconut Button Up Dress from S & Company. I love the professional feel that the collar and buttons add to the dress. It was Riley’s idea to have Courtney put her hair in a top knot and it was genius! She looks like a little cute!

Photos by Riley Winter Photography

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