clgen-casino-it Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI am obsessed with this dress! I think I wore it like 3 times the first week I got it! 😁

buy Pregabalin canada First off, it’s probably pretty clear that I’m obsessed with off-the-shoulder pieces considering I have about a million in my store and my personal closet! But this one is actually comfortable…it doesn’t fall down or ride up, it’s just cute, flowy, and it makes me feel like a little girl again. So, basically, you need it!

Sarasota On a different note, can we talk about something so weird? The other day I noticed something about myself, something that I do on a regular basis and I’m so curious if I’m just weird for doing it or ifother girls are guilty of it too!

A little background on the specific situation at hand: I work with people of all ages but most of them are older than me, some are in their 30s, some are in their 60s, but all of the women are beautiful and unique in their own way!

But some of them will talk about how they need to lose weight or how getting old sucks, blah, blah, blah. So the other day we had Treat Day (not sure if it’s actually called that) but it’s one day a month where we celebrate all of the birthday’s in the office that month by bringing in a bunch of food for everyone to munch on all day long! It’s usually unhealthy food like brownies, cookies, etc…you name it, we got it! I went through the treat line in the break room and at the time there were quite a few women in there, maybe 15-20 all eating their treats and I grabbed a caramel roll (super excited while I did) but I mentioned something about how I shouldn’t eat it or how guilty I felt about it or how I was getting too fat or some super dumb comment! And then I stopped and thought, “Why did I just say that?” I’m not fat, I know I’m not. I’m actually super confident in my body most days! I work out daily and I have every right to eat a freaking caramel roll one day a month! But I think I said it to fit in…I think I wanted to feel relatable to those older ladies.

So then I thought, how often do I make comments that are negative about my own body just so I can fit in with every other girl that isn’t confident? It’s horrible!! I’ll admit, there are days when I do feel fat. I’m a girl and sometimes that just happens, but I know better than to call myself fat. It’s disrespectful to my body, and to any other girl around me who might actually be struggling with their weight, and it just creates a negative atmosphere. Maybe I’m the only one that has this terrible habit, but I kind of feel like I’m not. I know way too many girls that look absolutely amazing and still complain about their weight, so I wonder, do they actually feel that way or are they just doing it to fit in with the trend of dissing their own body?


xoxo, S.



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  1. LOVED THIS POST!! It’s such a cultural thing (societal) to body shame to fit in! I consider my house (and my business) a shame-free zone, where negative body talk just won’t fly! Thanks for posting this, and being open about the issue!

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