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Usually I have a million different emotions running through my body and expressing them has always been easy for me; whether that be writing in my journal, blogging, or just curling up on the couch talking to my mom. But surprisingly I have nothing emotionally heavy to talk about right now. Isn't that always how it goes? You can just talk and talk and talk but when it comes to writing something it's nearly impossible!

So I'm going to take my lack of emotion as a good thing! That sounds depressing, I don't lack emotion, I've just been weirdly happy lately which just isn't that juicy to talk about. Or maybe I've been so busy I haven't had time to think about anything other than work, work, work, work, work. Today for instance was the first day in probably a month that I didn't have work and I had no reason to leave the house! I was super excited for it, but guess what I did all day...everything except relax. I deep cleaned several rooms in the house, and spent countless hours working on S & Company. Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it (yeah I'm weird like that) but I am craving a day where I don't have to do a damn thing! I want to remember what it's like to stay in my pajamas all day and binge watch Grey's Anatomy. Soon enough that day will come!

Back to business!

Rompers are my favorite outfit and fall is my favorite season so yes these pictures were way fun to take! I've never thought of wearing tights with rompers, but hey! Why not? I wear tights with everything else! Romper+tights+booties=excellent fall outfit. And now I don't have to put my rompers in the summer bin, I can keep them in my closet year round! woooh!

Romper: S & Company

Tights: Target

Booties: Sam Edelman (6pm.com)

One Reply to “All We Know”

  1. S & Co.,
    Haha!! I can definitely relate. Busy busy busy and when it’s time for a day off from everything I wake up like it’s Christmas morning and get busy relaxing–much in the same way you do. Every time! But that’s a good thing because then it’s a realization that you love your work and when you’re busy chasing your dreams and building, forming or creating something–well it doesn’t seem or feel like work.
    However, all of that said…I will still force myself to kick it in my UGG slippers, cutoff sweats and an old tee shirt to watch the original Point Break!
    Great blog S & Co.!

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