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more helpful hints Life has been full of transitions lately, starting with the fact that I am now completely self employed! If I would have had just a little bit more time on my hands I probably would have found myself working two or more jobs forever, just because I like to stay busy and the money was nice too.

find out But S & Co. was developing quicker than I had expected, and I not only didn’t have the time to work two jobs, I also didn’t feel like I could mentally handle both. By that I mean that my mind was always focused on my store, even when I had days where I was supposed to be so focused on the other job. All I thought about was my business: how to make it better, how to network more, how to conquer my goals, etc.

Now that I’m self employed, I’ve never felt better! I knew that I wanted the boutique to be my only job someday, I just didn’t think it would happen when I was 23 years old. It’s somewhat scary to think I have to be completely self sufficient for all my finances, but it’s also so exhilarating! It’ the best feeling knowing that I don’t have to work for somebody else, and I’m constantly motivated to work hard because every move I make helps my business grow a little bit more.

I love waking up every morning and being so excited to start my day! The best part is that every day is totally different and I get to be the judge of that. Somedays I’m unpacking new inventory, making tags, and taking studio pictures. Somedays I’m helping customers and meeting new people. And somedays I’m preparing for big events in and out of the store. There’s never a dull moment!



Today was one of the best days so far, I took blog pictures and then worked on making more furniture for the store, something my dad and I can do together (but actually he does most the work..I just paint). Either way it was a good day!

My favorite outfit right now is this cozy sweatsuit! The top is an oversized slouchy hoodie with bell sleeve arms and the bottoms are drawstring joggers in the same dusty pink color. I like that this outfit is so so comfortable but also cute, and each piece is under $40! WIN WIN

Thanks for following along<3